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History of the Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club

Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club is formerly known as Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club.

Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club
(KSTMC) was chartered in June 2000. Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club used to be a sub-club of Kowloon Club, the Association which was formed in 1990 with the initial objective of helping the immigrants from Hong Kong integrate into the local community.

To know more about Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club, click here to view the first issue of the club's newsletter which was published in 2001.

From July 2011 onwards, Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club is independent from Kowloon Club. We welcome local Singaporeans and residents of any nationalities to join our toastmasters club.

We found our new home at Kampong Ubi Community Centre which is just a short walk from Eunos MRT Station. From January 2012, our monthly meetings are being held there. Our club's name officially changed to Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club in March 2012.

Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club

The purpose of Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club is to provide a mutually supportive environment for our members to practise and improve their English language and communication skills, using the methodology of "learning by doing".

Through educational workshops, prepared speeches and impromptu speeches, our members can learn from the feedback given by more experienced speakers for self-improvement and development of confidence.

KSTMC Charter Meeting in June 2000
The above photo was taken at the Charter Meeting in June 2000.

2006 Kowloon-Singapore TMC Humorous Speech Contest & Evaluation Contest

Our Members

Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club is open to all interested parties who are living in Singapore.
We welcome local Singaporeans and residents of any nationalities to join our toastmasters club.

Members of Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club are from all walks of life.  We have professionals, salesmen and even homemakers. We learn from each other!

Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club is one of the warmest toastmasters clubs in Singapore.

Mrs. Ganesan, one of our club members,  cooks delicious food for us from time to time.
She is the DFM, our Distinguished Food Master.

Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club Christmas Party which was held on 24 Dec 2005

Christmas Party in December 2005


Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club
(Formerly Known As Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club)
Open to all interested parties who are over 18 years of age
Meeting Place: Kampong Ubi Community Centre, Level 3 Conference Room
10 Jalan Ubi Singapore 409075
Meeting Time:

Second & Last Saturday, 2pm- 5pm

Coming Meeting Dates:

11 August 2018 (Sat)
25 August 2018 (Sat)
8 September 2018 (Sat)
29 September 2018 (Sat)

Contact: Club President : Jackson Chua DTM at / 9230 5355 
Club Email:      

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. The first Toastmasters club was established on October 22, 1924, in Santa Ana, California, by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley, who conceived and developed the idea of helping others to speak more effectively. More clubs were formed, and Toastmasters International was incorporated under California law on December 19, 1932.

Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club is one of the more than 14,650 clubs around the world.

Since Toastmasters began, more than four million men and women have benefited from the organization's communication and leadership programmes.

Click here to see the benefits of joining Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club. 

"Free Tips for Successful Public Speaking" by Jim Key, 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking


"Toastmasters has given me the confidence to overcome my fear of public speaking, by offering me a platform to speak in a non-stressful environment."
Kervin Low

"...I realised there is a systematic way of improving in ourselves as a presentator and speaker...I have become more confident and have learnt a lot of techniques to engage my audiences."
- Sean Seah

"As a non-native speaker of English, I felt right at home, when I practised my speaking skills at the Club.  The members are helpful and supportive ..."
- K.F. Kan

"I was invited by a friend of mine to a demo meeting way back in 2000. I joined Toastmasters from then on and it changed my life forever! ... Toastmasters has taught me to be not only a more effective communicator, but also a better leader..." 
- Edward Ma

"I was so impressed that I joined the club immediately. Since then I never looked back ..."
Raymond Yuen

"...I am no longer so fearful speaking in front of an audience... The members are very helpful!"   
Yetti Chiu

"... Being a Toastmaster is a life-changing experience; it not only broadens your opportunities but gives purpose to your life.  ...Deep down in everyone lies a talent which can only be discovered when we stretch out into the dark. I encourage everyone to discover their passion and live their destiny by joining the Toastmasters Club..."
Kamalam Ganesan